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"The Altdot Comedy Lounge Podcast": Chart Statistics

  • Release date: 20 Jun 2014
  • Chart debut: #56 (26 Jun 2014)
  • Highest Position: #26 (27 Jun 2014)
  • Most recent chart position: #88 (20 Nov 2014)
  • Days on Canadian Podcasts Chart: 27

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The Altdot Comedy Lounge Podcast: Chart Progress Graph

Chart performance: 25 Jun 2014 to 19 Nov 2014.

Chart progress graph for The Altdot Comedy Lounge Podcast

Detailed Chart Progress for "The Altdot Comedy Lounge Podcast" (Diamondfield Entertainment Inc.)

Canadian Podcasts chart performance history for The Altdot Comedy Lounge Podcast

Year Month Day Position Movement Number 1
2014 Jun 25 Wed 56 new Chicago Public Media
This American Life
26 Thu 26 up Commonplace Books
Welcome to Night Vale
27 Fri 44 down
28 Sat 73 down
2014 Jul 5 Sat 94 re-entry
19 Sat 31 re-entry Chicago Public Media
This American Life
2014 Aug 6 Wed 97 re-entry
9 Sat 89 re-entry
2014 Sep 1 Mon 65 re-entry Grace Helbig and Jack Ferry
Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig
4 Thu 77 re-entry Tyler Oakley
Psychobabble with Tyler Oakley
20 Sat 74 re-entry This American Life
25 Thu 79 re-entry
26 Fri 62 up
27 Sat 95 down
28 Sun 97 down
30 Tue 44 re-entry
2014 Oct 1 Wed 100 down
2 Thu 67 up
3 Fri 89 down
4 Sat 60 up
5 Sun 69 down
9 Thu 70 re-entry
13 Mon 51 re-entry
26 Sun 82 re-entry
2014 Nov 15 Sat 99 re-entry
20 Thu 88 re-entry

About This Podcast: The Altdot Comedy Lounge Podcast

for over a decade the altdot comedy lounge has been toronto's premiere showcase venue for local talent and favourite spot for comedians visiting the city encouraging alternative untraditional and new material the altdot comedy lounge features a variety of comedians...

...continues to discover the best with our regular drop-in guests from across the country and around the world the altdot aims at providing an alternative to the mainstream in a comfortable cabaret atmosphere at one of the most prestigious performance areas in the city - the world famous rivoli follow us on twitter altdotcomedy or check us out on facebook at wwwfacebookcomaltdotcomedylounge the altdot can also be heard on siriusxm channel 168 fridays at 8pm12am est

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