Chart News RSS Feeds

You want iTunes chart news via RSS feeds? Then we're happy to oblige :)

As of July 2010, each chart that we offer on has its own RSS news feed. Hooray!

The content of each news update is the most news-worthy story of the chart in question. If the highest new entry is the big story, we'll tell you about that. If there's a new entry climbing to the number one spot, trust the feed to let you know. We'll also alert you to the biggest fallers and biggest climbers on the chart.

(Note: Not every chart will have an update - if the chart hasn't changed much from the previous day, it seemed pointless to publish an update for the sake of it.)

If you're looking for the full chart via RSS, then already provides that for every chart imaginable, check out The iTunes Chart RSS Generator - it's what inspired us to build this site in the first place.

American Chart Feeds

If you're looking for RSS feeds for countries other than the United States, don't panic! We got RSS feeds for every country.

About RSS

If you're reading this page, we're guessing you already know what RSS is, what it does and how to use it. But if not, here's some handy links....

Bug Reports

Found a bug? A problem with the feeds? Drop us a line and let us know. We'd be seriously grateful and add you to our Christmas Card list. Seriously.