Good Behavior - 'The Ballad of Little Santino'
American iTunes Chart Performance

"The Ballad of Little Santino": Chart Statistics

  • Release date: 20 Dec 2016
  • Chart debut: #23 (26 Dec 2016)
  • Highest Position: #23 (26 Dec 2016)
  • Most recent chart position: #83 (03 Jan 2017)
  • Days on US TV Episodes Chart: 10

'The Ballad of Little Santino' has charted in the following countries:
United States and Canada.

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Detailed Chart Progress for "The Ballad of Little Santino" (Good Behavior)

US TV Episodes chart performance history for The Ballad of Little Santino

Year Month Day Position Movement Number 1
2016 Dec 26 Mon 23 new When Calls The Heart
When Calls the Heart Christmas
26 Mon 23 new
27 Tue 30 down Vanderpump Rules
No Show
28 Wed 38 down The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
29 Thu 49 down
30 Fri 69 down
31 Sat 66 up
2017 Jan 1 Sun 75 down
2 Mon 78 down Sherlock
The Six Thatchers
3 Tue 83 down

Episode Synopsis: The Ballad of Little Santino

Letty (Michelle Dockery) and Javier (Juan Diego Botto) attend the mysterious and explosive reunion of Javier's immediate family. Letty does her best to play the role of Javier's girlfriend while trying to find out as much as she can about Javier's past. But a tragic history unfolds right before her eyes as a newly protective Letty learns Javier's most closely-guarded secret.

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