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"Baby, This is Keke Palmer": Chart Statistics

  • Release date: 14 Feb 2023
  • Chart debut: #95 (07 Feb 2023)
  • Highest Position: #22 (12 Feb 2023)
  • Most recent chart position: #75 (23 Feb 2023)
  • Days on US Podcasts Chart: 18

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Detailed Chart Progress for "Baby, This is Keke Palmer" (Wondery)

US Podcasts chart performance history for Baby, This is Keke Palmer

Year Month Day Position Movement Number 1
2023 Feb 7 Tue 95 new Scicomm Media
Huberman Lab
7 Tue 95 new
8 Wed 57 up
9 Thu 44 up Wondery
Stolen Hearts
10 Fri 24 no-move
11 Sat 24 no-move
12 Sun 22 up
13 Mon 28 down
14 Tue 35 down
15 Wed 49 down Wave Sports + Entertainment
New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce
16 Thu 61 no-move
17 Fri 65 no-move
18 Sat 75 no-move
19 Sun 80 down
20 Mon 73 up Wondery
Stolen Hearts
21 Tue 69 no-move NBC News Studios
Letters from Sing Sing
22 Wed 55 no-move
23 Thu 75 no-move Serial Productions & The New York Times
The Coldest Case In Laramie

About This Podcast: Baby, This is Keke Palmer

keke palmer has questions for days about everything under the sun from the existential to the inconsequential from pop culture to pop science from the meaning of life to the meaning of wap from life in outer space to “where...

...eff is tom from myspace“ and everything in between because baby this is keke palmer and she is here for all of it each week the multi-talented keke is taking you on a journey down the rabbit hole on a topic that she cannot stop obsessing over she’ll also get deep with special guests trying to answer the questions that keep us up at night we are getting into it have a secret to share with keke or maybe you just want to slide into our dms or perhaps you just want to ask keke your own burning question email us at babythisiskekepalmeramazoncom for a chance to be featured on the show

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