Panoply - 'Switched On Pop'
American iTunes Chart Performance

"Switched On Pop": Chart Statistics

  • Release date: 13 Jul 2017
  • Chart debut: #63 (01 Aug 2017)
  • Highest Position: #63 (01 Aug 2017)
  • Most recent chart position: #71 (02 Aug 2017)
  • Days on US Podcasts Chart: 3

'Switched On Pop' has charted in the following countries:
United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Canada and Australia.

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Detailed Chart Progress for "Switched On Pop" (Panoply)

US Podcasts chart performance history for Switched On Pop

Year Month Day Position Movement Number 1
2017 Aug 1 Tue 63 new The New York Times
The New Washington
1 Tue 63 new
2 Wed 71 down

About This Podcast: Switched On Pop

pop music surrounds us but how often do we really listen to what we’re hearing switched on pop is the podcast that pulls back the curtain on pop music each episode join musicologist nate sloan and songwriter charlie harding as they...

...the secret formulas that make pop songs so infectious by figuring out how pop hits work their magic you’ll fall in love with songs you didn’t even know you liked

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