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  • Chart debut: #6 (03 May 2011)
  • Highest Position: #6 (03 May 2011)
  • Most recent chart position: #6 (03 May 2011)
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Year Month Day Position Movement Number 1
2011 May 2 Mon 6 new Chicago Public Radio
This American Life

About This Podcast: professorblastoff

in the late 1940’s professor rl blastoff phd - a noted genius and recipient of multiple nobel prizes who had obtained advanced degrees in several subjects such as nuclear physics mathematics and molecular chemistry – completed work on a prototype...

...a time machine unable to contain his curiosity he attempted to use the machine prior to alerting anyone of its completion unfortunately the attempt was successful and he has been trapped somewhere in the space time continuum ever since his secret lab remained untouched for decades until the day tig notaro kyle dunnigan and david huntsberger discovered its entrance behind a dresser in a closet at kyle’s house upon entering the lab they were amazed to find not only several of the professor’s unfinished projects – but also a satellite radio which the professor still uses to communicate thoughts back to himself …should he ever return upon hearing that the professor planned to have his own weekly radio show discussing these ideas tig kyle and david became so fascinated with the topics that they decided to start a podcast of their own the result can be heard weekly broadcast from the professor’s lab as “professor blastoff”

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