Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the charts come from?

The charts presented on this site are the charts published in the iTunes application. The charts are based on sale via iTunes either via the app on your PC, your iPhone or some other internet enabled-device.

What is iTunes?

iTunes is a digital media player application, used for playing and organising digital music and video files. iTunes is also an interface to manage the contents on Apple iPods and iPhones.

More importantly for this website, iTunes is integrated into Apple's online store for purchasing music, TV shows, movies and applications as well as managing subscriptions to (mostly free) podcasts.

More detailed information from Wikipedia: iTunes Application, iTunes Store.

Why don't your charts match the charts I can see on the official iTunes site?

iTunes charts update continuously. For example, they might be updated on an hourly basis. This site takes a chart at the end of the day and refers to that order of entries as the chart for that particular day. We collect data at the end of the day to ensure the most representative chart for the preceding 24-hour period. What you see on this site labelled 'latest' is actually yesterday's charts. So they're bound to be different. This site is more concerned with trends and behaviour over longer periods of time than just days or hours.

Why can't I see the chart for today?

Because today hasn't ended. You can only see charts for days that are over. collects the charts from iTunes around 10pm GMT and counts that listing as the chart for that day.

Why do some songs appear in the same chart twice?

Good question! This happens at iTunes' end, it's not a peculiarity specific to They might be the same song but different versions. They might even be exactly the same song, but from different a albums, compilation or EP. When you buy a single track from an album, for instance, as far as iTunes is concerned that's a different track to the same song on a compilation album or on an EP.

How are these charts calculated?

The short answer is "we don't know". They're calculated and compiled by iTunes, we can only assume they're based on downloads. Given that the published charts are presented as "live" rather than covering any specified timeslot, there's obviously some kind of algorithm at play, but beyond that it's anybody's guess. Podcast charts are slightly different since these are charts of "channels" producing content on a rolling basis, rather than a finished product like an album or a song. Again, the chart is most likely based on downloads but may also be based on new subscriptions too.

Why can't I find charts before 2009? started collecting data in December 2009. Data before that date is unavailable. For UK-based song charts, has been compiling weekly charts based on iTunes data for a little while longer.

What happened to the film and application charts?

From 28th April 2011 no longer collected data for film and iphone/ipad apps. There's more details about that decision, if you're the reading type.

Hey! Didn't this site used to be

Yes, you're correct - between September 2011 and November 2012 this site was hosted on URLs on the old domain should re-direct to the new domain for the forseeable future.

What are podcasts?

"Podcasts" is a portmanteau word combining the words "iPod" and "broadcast". Think of a podcast as a television or radio series which is watched or listened to via a computer or a media player like an iPod. If you subscribe to a podcast, new episodes will be automatically downloaded to your computer. Read more about podcasting at wikipedia.

Where are the charts for my country?

We're only collecting data for a limited number of countries. We collect most data for UK and US charts. If we're not offering the chart you want from your country, iTunes can offer you current charts. If you want a country added to, please ask! If we get enough requests for a particular country, we'll start collecting it. People power!

Do you offer RSS feeds?

Indeed we do! every chart on the site has an associated RSS feed. There's a full listing here of the feeds that we offer. The feeds contain note-worthy news-snippets on each day's chart - it might be that there's a new number one, or a particularly high new entry... we always find something that's worth mentioning. Here's some sample news items...

If all you want is an RSS feed of a particular chart, use the iTunes Chart RSS Generator. It's ace.

Do you have an API?

Not at the moment. But all this data is available from iTunes in either JSON or XML. If you want an API and could put it to good use, please ask us.

How do I report a bug?

Blimey, you're keen! Thanks for caring. To report a bug email us genie [at] including a description of the steps required to recreate the error. If it's a browser bug, please include your browser name (e.g. Internet Explorer), browser version (e.g. 8), operating system (e.g. Windows Vista) and, if possible, a screen-grab. (For information relating to how to create a screen-grab, check out

How do I buy these songs/albums?

The short answer: using the iTunes application. If you're using a new-ish Mac you'll already have it installed. Click on the iTunes button on our chart pages and the iTunes application should launch with the relevant download clearly visible. You'll need a credit card of some kind too. If the iTunes application isn't an option you can also buy a wide selection of mp3 and mpeg downloads from the Amazon online store.

I demand satisfaction. How do I get that?

Send us a message. The more polite you are, the higher the probability you'll get the satisfaction you so clearly crave.

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