This Is Distorted - 'Krafty Kuts -- A Golden Era'
Canadian iTunes Chart Performance

"Krafty Kuts -- A Golden Era": Chart Statistics

  • Release date: 03 Apr 2014
  • Chart debut: #7 (11 Apr 2014)
  • Highest Position: #5 (12 Apr 2014)
  • Most recent chart position: #89 (12 Oct 2014)
  • Days on Canadian Podcasts Chart: 14

'Krafty Kuts -- A Golden Era' has charted in the following countries:
United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Canada, Spain and Australia.

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Detailed Chart Progress for "Krafty Kuts -- A Golden Era" (This Is Distorted)

Canadian Podcasts chart performance history for Krafty Kuts -- A Golden Era

Year Month Day Position Movement Number 1
2014 Apr 10 Thu 7 new Chicago Public Media
This American Life
11 Fri 5 up CBC Radio
Under the Influence from CBC Radio
12 Sat 30 down
13 Sun 35 down
14 Mon 48 down
16 Wed 81 re-entry Chicago Public Media
This American Life
17 Thu 47 up
18 Fri 67 down
19 Sat 52 up CBC Radio
Under the Influence from CBC Radio
26 Sat 48 re-entry Tim Ferriss: Bestselling Author, Human Guinea Pig
The Tim Ferriss Show
2014 Oct 8 Wed 78 re-entry This American Life
11 Sat 94 re-entry
12 Sun 89 up

About This Podcast: Krafty Kuts -- A Golden Era

krafty kuts real name martin reeves is the multi-award winning djproducer and the undisputed king of breaks from humble beginnings krafty has an enviable career which boasts accolades ranging from eight times breakspoll winner best international dj and best single...

...the year by dj mag he’s played alongside everyone from the prodigy to fatboy slim and even the rolling stones brighton based krafty kuts developed his passion for dj'ing in the late 1980's after winning a dj competition at aged 12 martin then opened his own record shop through which he identified a sound for his dj style a hip hop funk infusion of up-tempo beats with his roots deeply entrenched in hip hop this mix has been 15 years in the making and it features not just a collection of all of the music that has inspired krafty kuts in his career but exclusive interviews from such hip hop legends as kurtis blow z-trip dj numark and complex hip-hop was the first music to truly touch krafty kuts soul there’s not a day that goes by that he doesnt listen to it put together like a mind-blowing hour-long dmc final this mix is his homage to the music that has inspired his life lead his career and touched his soul

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