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Canadian iTunes Chart Performance

"The Dave Chang Show": Chart Statistics

  • Release date: 30 Aug 2018
  • Chart debut: #92 (30 Aug 2018)
  • Highest Position: #31 (31 Aug 2018)
  • Most recent chart position: #76 (08 Dec 2018)
  • Days on Canadian Podcasts Chart: 9

'The Dave Chang Show' has charted in the following countries:
United States, Canada and Australia.

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Detailed Chart Progress for "The Dave Chang Show" (The Ringer)

Canadian Podcasts chart performance history for The Dave Chang Show

Year Month Day Position Movement Number 1
2018 Aug 30 Thu 92 new Kristi Lee
Canadian True Crime
30 Thu 92 new
31 Fri 31 up
2018 Sep 1 Sat 52 down
20 Thu 67 re-entry This American Life
21 Fri 55 up
22 Sat 79 down
2018 Dec 7 Fri 96 re-entry The Australian
The Teacher's Pet
8 Sat 76 up

About This Podcast: The Dave Chang Show

dave chang has a few questions besides being the chef of the momofuku restaurants and the creator and host of netflix’s 'ugly delicious' dave is an avid student and fan of sports music art film and of course food in...

...conversations that cover everything from the creative process to his guest’s guiltiest pleasures dave and a rotating cast of smart thought-provoking guests talk about their inspirations failures successes fame and identities

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