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"Breakdown": Chart Statistics

  • Release date: 18 Apr 2016
  • Chart debut: #9 (20 Apr 2016)
  • Highest Position: #9 (20 Apr 2016)
  • Most recent chart position: #100 (11 Jan 2017)
  • Days on Canadian Podcasts Chart: 21

'Breakdown' has charted in the following countries:
United Kingdom, United States, Canada and Australia.

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Breakdown: Chart Progress Graph

Chart performance: 19 Apr 2016 to 11 Sep 2016.

Chart progress graph for Breakdown

Detailed Chart Progress for "Breakdown" (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Canadian Podcasts chart performance history for Breakdown

Year Month Day Position Movement Number 1
2016 Apr 19 Tue 9 new CBC Radio
Someone Knows Something
20 Wed 9 no-move
21 Thu 11 down
22 Fri 37 down Joe Rogan
The Joe Rogan Experience
23 Sat 19 up
24 Sun 27 down
Stuff You Should Know
25 Mon 28 down CBC Radio
Someone Knows Something
27 Wed 40 down
28 Thu 59 down
29 Fri 84 down
2016 May 7 Sat 74 re-entry
Stuff You Should Know
9 Mon 68 re-entry The Ringer
The Watch
10 Tue 97 down
11 Wed 90 up
2016 Sep 1 Thu 100 re-entry Malcolm Gladwell / Panoply
Revisionist History
23 Fri 70 re-entry TED Conferences LLC
2016 Oct 28 Fri 88 re-entry CBC Radio
Missing & Murdered: Who Killed Alberta Williams?
2016 Dec 6 Tue 78 re-entry CBC Radio
Someone Knows Something
2017 Jan 9 Mon 98 re-entry Wondery
Hollywood & Crime
11 Wed 100 re-entry Crooked Media
Pod Save America

About This Podcast: Breakdown

a murder case that rocked the nation is about to go to trial and there's still no clear answer to the no 1 question did justin ross harris intend to lock his 22-month-old son cooper in the back of his...

...or was it just a horrible accident harris has always insisted that a tragic oversight killed his son but the state believes it wasn't an oversight at all in death in a hot car mistake or murder the atlanta journal-constitution launches season 2 of its breakdown podcast breakdown is just that — the breakdown of the story and the systems the largest newsroom in the southeast delivers investigations and true crime cases that you cannot find anywhere else

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