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Canadian iTunes Chart Performance

"The Oath with Chuck Rosenberg": Chart Statistics

  • Release date: 30 Apr 2019
  • Chart debut: #62 (03 Dec 2020)
  • Highest Position: #62 (03 Dec 2020)
  • Most recent chart position: #100 (06 Dec 2020)
  • Days on Canadian Podcasts Chart: 4

'The Oath with Chuck Rosenberg' has charted in the following countries:
United Kingdom, United States, Germany, France, Italy, Canada, Spain and Australia.

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Detailed Chart Progress for "The Oath with Chuck Rosenberg" (Chuck Rosenberg, NBC News)

Canadian Podcasts chart performance history for The Oath with Chuck Rosenberg

Year Month Day Position Movement Number 1
2019 May 1 Wed 1 new Chuck Rosenberg, NBC News
The Oath with Chuck Rosenberg
2 Thu 2 down Infinite Potential Media, LLC
Daily Breath with Deepak Chopra
3 Fri 4 down
4 Sat 9 down The Try Guys & Ramble
The TryPod
5 Sun 19 down
6 Mon 32 down
7 Tue 52 down
8 Wed 88 down Samantha Ravndahl and Alyssa Anderson
10 Fri 51 re-entry
11 Sat 39 up Pushkin Industries
Against the Rules with Michael Lewis
12 Sun 68 down
2019 Sep 12 Thu 36 re-entry CBC Podcasts
Party Lines
13 Fri 97 down
2020 Dec 3 Thu 62 new Barstool Sports
Call Her Daddy
4 Fri 71 down
5 Sat 81 down The New York Times
The Daily
6 Sun 100 down

About This Podcast: The Oath with Chuck Rosenberg

the oath with chuck rosenberg msnbc’s newest original podcast is a series of revealing one-on-one conversations with thoughtful former american public officials from the highest levels of government service shaping this pivotal moment in american history led by msnbc contributor...

...former us attorney and senior fbi official chuck rosenberg the discussions explore the experiences that shaped these leaders what drew them to public service the dilemmas they’ve encountered throughout their careers and what keeps them up at night

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