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"The Sunday Magazine": Chart Statistics

  • Release date: 12 Sep 2020
  • Chart debut: #91 (14 Sep 2020)
  • Highest Position: #91 (14 Sep 2020)
  • Most recent chart position: #91 (14 Sep 2020)
  • Days on Canadian Podcasts Chart: 2

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Summary: CBC Radio’s The Sunday Magazine is a lively, wide-ranging mix of topical long-form conversations, engaging ideas and more. Each week, host Piya Chattopadhyay takes time for deep exploration, but also makes space for surprise, delight and fun.

Detailed Chart Progress for "The Sunday Magazine" (CBC Radio)

Canadian Podcasts chart performance history for The Sunday Magazine

Year Month Day Position Movement Number 1
2020 Sep 14 Mon 91 new Wondery
Bunga Bunga
14 Mon 91 new

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