Luke Thompson - 'A Phrasal Verb a Day'
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"A Phrasal Verb a Day": Chart Statistics

  • Release date: 09 Sep 2014
  • Chart debut: #72 (10 Sep 2014)
  • Highest Position: #26 (23 Oct 2014)
  • Most recent chart position: #52 (29 May 2016)
  • Days on Brazilian Podcasts Chart: 14

'A Phrasal Verb a Day' has charted in the following countries:
Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Brazil.

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Detailed Chart Progress for "A Phrasal Verb a Day" (Luke Thompson)

Brazilian Podcasts chart performance history for A Phrasal Verb a Day

Year Month Day Position Movement Number 1
2014 Sep 9 Tue 72 new Nerdcast
10 Wed 64 up Apple Inc.
Apple Keynotes
18 Thu 67 re-entry Nerdcast
23 Tue 65 re-entry
25 Thu 44 up
26 Fri 30 up
29 Mon 30 re-entry
2014 Oct 22 Wed 26 re-entry
2016 May 4 Wed 67 re-entry Center for Educational Development
ESL Podcast - Previous Episodes
5 Thu 77 down Jovem Nerd
Nerdcast – Jovem Nerd
6 Fri 99 down
27 Fri 42 re-entry
28 Sat 52 down Bel Pesce - Empreendedora e Escritora
Podcast da Bel - Comportamento, Empreendedorismo e

About This Podcast: A Phrasal Verb a Day

Learn a phrasal verb every day with this series of short podcasts by Luke Thompson from Luke’s English Podcast. Each episode contains definitions, explanations and improvised examples of each phrase to help you understand and remember these complex but important parts of the English language! Transcripts are available at http://teacherluke. co. uk/phrasal-verb-a-day/

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