Yonderland - 'The Chosen Mum'
Australian iTunes Chart Performance

"The Chosen Mum": Chart Statistics

  • Release date: 01 Feb 2016
  • Chart debut: #96 (09 Sep 2016)
  • Highest Position: #59 (12 Sep 2016)
  • Most recent chart position: #98 (15 Sep 2016)
  • Days on Australian TV Chart: 8

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Detailed Chart Progress for "The Chosen Mum" (Yonderland)

Australian TV chart performance history for The Chosen Mum

Year Month Day Position Movement Number 1
2016 Sep 9 Fri 96 new Suits
The Hand that Feeds You
10 Sat 98 down
11 Sun 73 up
12 Mon 59 up
13 Tue 89 down Rob & Chyna
Are You Still Texting B#@tches?
14 Wed 83 up
15 Thu 98 down

Episode Synopsis: The Chosen Mum

debbie isn’t sure how she’s going to fill her days now her twins have started school having tried zumba cleaned the house to within an inch of its life and drunk a few too many cups of coffee just when...

...thinks she might be on the point of going mad with boredom and caffeine an elf appears in her kitchen cupboard and summons her to yonderland for she is the chosen one convinced that she really has lost it but without a better option debbie goes with the elf and travels through the portal to the other world there she meets the elders who tell her that the first scroll foretells of her coming and show her an etching on the wall – a portrait of debbie – that proves that she is indeed the chosen one with her help they will be able to defeat the forces of evil who threaten to subdue them the only problem is that the second scroll which foretells what it is she’s actually meant to do to achieve this has gone missing still sceptical about the whole ‘chosen one’ thing debbie reluctantly agrees to see the oracle who might be able to give her some more information about what it is she’s meant to do the oracle turns out to be not much better than a bad medium ‘… um… i’m sensing a john… could be robert…’ but having stormed off in disgust debbie then finds the oracle’s mystical nonsense starting to come true could she really be the chosen one as she basks in the adulation that she receives having solved a minor dispute by introducing the notion of apologising and shaking hands rather than the traditional fight to the death debbie decides that it might actually be quite fun being revered in another world back at home debbie tries to tell her husband peter about her day but then realises that kind and loving as he is this information about another world through their kitchen cupboard might be too much for his straight-forward mind to take and anyway she’s still not completely convinced that she hasn’t after all simply gone mad

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