Offspring - 'Episode Two'
Australian iTunes Chart Performance

"Episode Two": Chart Statistics

  • Release date: 29 Aug 2010
  • Chart debut: #3 (29 Aug 2010)
  • Highest Position: #2 (30 Aug 2010)
  • Most recent chart position: #81 (20 Jun 2012)
  • Days on Australian TV Chart: 71

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Episode Two: Chart Progress Graph

Chart performance: 29 Aug 2010 to 25 Jan 2011.

Chart progress graph for Episode Two

Detailed Chart Progress for "Episode Two" (Offspring)

Australian TV chart performance history for Episode Two

Year Month Day Position Movement Number 1
2010 Aug 29 Sun 3 new True Blood
Beautifully Broken
30 Mon 2 up
31 Tue 4 down
2010 Sep 1 Wed 6 down The Hills
All Good Things...
2 Thu 6 no-move
3 Fri 7 down True Blood
It Hurts Me Too
4 Sat 7 no-move
5 Sun 6 up
6 Mon 9 down Offspring
Episode Three
7 Tue 9 no-move True Blood
It Hurts Me Too
8 Wed 10 down
9 Thu 19 down Mad Men
Christmas Comes But Once a Year
10 Fri 13 up True Blood
9 Crimes
11 Sat 22 down
12 Sun 14 up
13 Mon 12 up
14 Tue 16 down The Vampire Diaries
The Return
15 Wed 34 down
16 Thu 39 down
17 Fri 53 down True Blood
18 Sat 39 up
19 Sun 42 down
20 Mon 28 up
21 Tue 52 down The Vampire Diaries
Brave New World
22 Wed 59 down
23 Thu 61 down Glee
24 Fri 80 down
25 Sat 100 down
27 Mon 100 re-entry
28 Tue 99 up The Vampire Diaries
Bad Moon Rising
29 Wed 30 up
2010 Oct 1 Fri 64 re-entry Glee
Britney / Brittany
2 Sat 77 down
5 Tue 84 re-entry The Vampire Diaries
Memory Lane
14 Thu 96 re-entry The Vampire Diaries
Kill or Be Killed
15 Fri 63 up True Blood
Everything Is Broken
2010 Nov 5 Fri 90 re-entry True Blood
Evil Is Going On
18 Thu 89 re-entry The Vampire Diaries
2012 Apr 28 Sat 23 re-entry Game of Thrones
What Is Dead May Never Die
29 Sun 13 up Hart of Dixie
Heart to Hart
30 Mon 19 down Game of Thrones
What Is Dead May Never Die
2012 May 1 Tue 14 up Revenge
2 Wed 15 down Game of Thrones
Garden of Bones
3 Thu 16 down
4 Fri 24 down
5 Sat 16 up
6 Sun 24 down
7 Mon 29 down Revenge
8 Tue 28 up Revenge
9 Wed 39 down Game of Thrones
The Ghost of Harrenhal
10 Thu 36 up
11 Fri 35 up
12 Sat 35 no-move
13 Sun 32 up Hart of Dixie
Destiny & Denial
14 Mon 40 down
15 Tue 53 down Gossip Girl
Raiders of the Lost Art
16 Wed 53 no-move Game of Thrones
The Old Gods and the New
17 Thu 69 down
18 Fri 71 down
19 Sat 85 down
20 Sun 62 up Once Upon a Time
22 Tue 95 re-entry Revenge
23 Wed 86 up Game of Thrones
A Man Without Honor
27 Sun 72 re-entry Hart of Dixie
Disaster Drills & Departures
29 Tue 86 re-entry Revenge
30 Wed 100 down Game of Thrones
The Prince of Winterfell
31 Thu 96 up
2012 Jun 7 Thu 80 re-entry Game of Thrones
8 Fri 78 up
15 Fri 80 re-entry Game of Thrones
Valar Morghulis
20 Wed 81 re-entry True Blood
Turn! Turn! Turn!

Episode Synopsis: Episode Two

nina is forced to confront her own insecurities when she meets an unconventional couple wanting a completely nude birth after being labelled a prude by her co-workers nina is relieved to hear that chris understands her reservations about the nudity... thrown when he suggests she has control issues interrupted during her lunch with chris by a distressed phone call from billie nina rushes to her side to help only to be lectured by billie about being prudish for not having slept with chris yet frustrated by the constant accusations nina hurries to geraldine's house to seek reassurance after criticising her mother's online dating profile the two women get in a heated argument and nina admits that she is afraid to let go geraldine comforts nina and tells her she is incredibly proud of her brave and capable daughters inspired nina returns to the hospital and reaches a compromise with the staff and the expectant couple and the nude birth goes smoothly later that night nina decides to seize the moment with chris but is horrified when she interrupts he and zara in a compromising position in the storeroom devastated nina rushes home at a complete loss about where she stands with dr havel frustrated by his lack drive and ambition billie leaves mick in bed as she goes to work on a saturday eager to prove herself billie insists to darcy that she can handle a new property with a difficult tenant on her own and he agrees upon arrival billie is repulsed to discover that the house is occupied by someone hoarding his own excrement failing to get darcy to return to help she tries to get the tenant to clean up the request falls on deaf ears and billie brings in professional cleaners but even they aren't willing to deal with the extreme case after leaving countless messages for mick and getting no reply billie is forced to clean the filthy house herself at the end of an exhausting day billie returns to find mick at home drunk; the result of a dare with jimmy realising that mick's talent and good looks don't make up for his unreliability billie walks out on him believing she can't really love someone she doesn't admire cherie tries parenting by the book battling to suppress her maternal instinct while using the controlled crying method sensing the strain darcy suggests they take the afternoon off and get jimmy and odile to babysit ray at lunch darcy and cherie negotiate their parenting techniques and finally define their relationship as friends who share a child arriving home cherie and darcy see ray is sleeping soundly cherie is ecstatic and completely unaware of jimmy and odile madcap style of childcare geraldine embarks on the world of internet dating and her children are quick to advise on how she should present herself while jimmy and odile use their creative skills to stretch the truth to its outer limits nina insists honesty is the best policy only when billie uses her talents as a saleswoman to accentuate her mother's true personality does geraldine's profile really shine

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